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Income Taxes

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Income Taxes Preparation

Ampuero and Associates llp. is a tax representation and resolution firm that help clients with their challenging tax problems caused by the CRA. We use our extensive knowledge and experience with CRA tax laws and systems to help our clients get the best possible results for their difficult and often urgent tax problems.

To keep our well recognized service quality, we work hard to ensure optimum results for our clients. We will guide you through the complex CRA tax system. We will help to fix your urgent tax problems. We will alleviate the feeling of helpless and vulnerability due to your tax problems. We are here to provide you with quality tax help and support to get you back to your normal life, quickly.

We understand that each tax case is different. We take the time to understand your tax problem with an initial FREE consultation. From there we provide you with recommendations that can best help you in your specific situation.

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